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Tallgrass Meat Company provides the highest quality lamb choices. Our goal is to provide a wide assortment of cuts as well as any custom needs our customers may need.

If at anytime you have a need for additional information, just drop us an email or a call. We'd love to help.

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These are normal cuts we generally carry. A reminder that availability and pricing can vary throughout the year. Call or come in anytime and we'll check our inventory for you.

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We are in the process of adding inventory pictures/info, this is a bit time consuming...bear with us as we build as it could take awhile to have everything laid out and listed...we want it to be just right for our customers. - TG

You may wonder about pricing: With local butchers, inventory and pricing changes daily. It's always best to call in and ask for Casey or Norm to check inventory and pricing.

Leg of Lamb

Lamb, hogget and mutton are the meat of domestic sheep at different ages. A sheep in its first year is called a lamb, and its meat is also called lamb. The meat of a juvenile sheep older than one year is hogget; outside the USA this is also a term for the living animal. It can be grilled, brazed, roasted, and prepared many ways in many forms. Call us if you need help or ideas.

Rack of Lamb

A rack of lamb or carré d'agneau is a cut of lamb cut perpendicularly to the spine, and including 16 ribs or chops. At retail, it is usually sold 'single', but may also be sold as a "double rack of lamb", with the ribs on both sides. It can be grilled, baked, smoked, pan cooked, or a combination of techniques.

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Charcuterie Classes

Coming in the Summer of 2019 Tallgrass will begin offering "Charcuterie" classes centered around our wonderful cuts of meat.

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