What To Expect: Whole Animal vs. Local Bundle

Hi all! I wanted to follow-up from our last post. We highly encourage you to check out the whole animal side to our craft as the ultimate experience. We'll guide you through as much or as little as you would like during the process and work to encourage you through a truly unique and satisfying experience.

If the whole animal is too much, we will have the "local bundle" available all the time for you to purchase. What to expect? Local bundles will focus on a local farm with their meats. Even more exciting, we will have bundles that have multiple meat types that would supply you for the month with your bacon, your steaks, roast, and chickens .Our farmers are sure to bring you the most rewarding and intimate process we can offer. We like to say, "Come to the everyday farmers market."

Watch for the opportunity to pre-order online and if you're worried about finding time to come down to the store let us see how we can remove that barrier for you. Stay tuned for more sessions about what to expect for Your Local Butcher in your backyard Columbia, TN. 

What to Expect: Fresh Meat Case
Tallgrass Experience

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Wednesday, 01 April 2020

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