What to Expect: Master Butcher

Casey Weber

We use the term "Butcher" often and want to share with you some of the history behind the word. Master Butcher, historically, has been a title given to the most creative, crafty, and efficient transformers of meat from the animal to the table. They know the meat that consumers purchase, because they crafted it. Their product tells a story, whether it's a convenient thick-cut ready-to-grill steak or a more subtle but delicious family roasting meat, both with lots of flavor and nutrition. 

Butchers are more than "meat cutters," they are deeply passionate and connected to their craft and their customers. With each visit to Tallgrass Meats, your Butcher in the Backyard, you can expect a better experience than the last. Whether it's the "Old World craft" of the small town European Butcher to the iconic craft of the original Delmonico's (aged, crafted and cut on-site). We look forward to bringing that trust and value back to Columbia, "One steak at a time."

Warm regards,

Casey Weber
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Thursday, 02 April 2020

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