Tallgrass: We're Still Here

Oh, Columbia, we're still here.

First off, apologies for the long delay in updating everyone.  Our goal and aim for the blog is to be both consistent and informative.  We have not done as well as we would've have liked with that.  If you haven't seen the store lately take a look at all the new changes. 

Retail Space: When you visit you'll also notice several coolers and freezers that allow us to offer, store, and showcase all the product we make for your enjoyment.  These sometimes creep up on us as we continue to enhance the space.  However, on occasion we take a minute to slow down and really enjoy where we have been able to go. Indeed there will need to be many new products to fill all the new spaces.

Major updates: First off continued thanks to those who serve us locally and internationally, both Military to Emergency Responders.   As we recently remember and reflect on September 11th it is a clear reminder that each day is to be cherished, but also thankful there are those willing to sacrifice to serve. To honor that in our small way, please let us know when you come in. Mainly so we can say "Thank You", but if you allow us to honor you with 10% off it would be our pleasure to serve that way as well.

New smokehouse:  The smokehouse is an integral part of our butcher shop. In our quest to develop, create, and make everything in-house and as locally as possible we needed something that could keep up with us. Most folks don't know that we can't simply cook meat and sell. There is something key to what we do that differentiates us from others. That is the food safety and regulatory environment that we pursue each and everyday. Technology has indeed helped to ensure those responsibilities are recorded as accurately as possible. Stay tuned for all the developments

 Circling the wagons:

Although there is so much more, we want to take minute to touch base on several items of high interest.

Classes:  There has been much interest in our butcher and charcuterie classes. Please note they are coming. We have been blessed by a great community that has pushed us forward in ways we couldn't have imagined, with that the classes have spent a little more time in development than initial timelines allowed. However, look for more updates in November with expectancy for the Spring of 2020. Christmas presents anyone?

Deli Meats: To those who know us, the time is coming for deli meats.The wait will not be in vain :). Why have we waited so long? Simply, so we could make it in-house. As with all our products, we can assure the best and freshest quality there is.

Specialties: This might mean different things to different folks, but we are working hard to develop fermented and traditionally aged products. These are indeed specialty products and not your ordinary sausage. You can rest assured of authenticity and uniqueness when these bad boys start rolling out. Look for the first set of these as we approach Thanksgiving. We have several more developmental steps to achieve, but they are in the works.

Thanks for hanging with us again, we look forward to more consistent updates and a little more in-depth look at your Tallgrass Team.