The Local Butcher Shop is Back!

As the final push to open approaches and we meet more and more people, we are hearing ever more fond memories of people going with their parents or grandparents as kids to the local butcher. You see, the local butcher almost completely disappeared with the rise in mega-marts. The modern world raced right passed some of the longest held and most cherished community building trades such as butchery and baking.

Well now, I'm hear to tell you the local butcher shop is BACK. Much like the local baker has came back like a storm, so will local butchers. Just yesterday, we had a meeting with our local web and social media guy, Michael Twigg, at If that doesn't scream modern business, I don't know what does!

The message OkayNext and Tallgrass Meat (TGM) want to highlight is that TGM WILL have old world cuts and products that many still remember from the butcher. But to bring that into the modern world demands both QUALITY and screams CONVENIENCE. Keep checking our social media pages and blog posts for updates. More on the "Old World Cuts, Modern Convenience," in the next blog.


Dustin L. Weber MED, DC, CSCS
Old World Cuts, Modern Convenience
More Than Just Beef (Updated)

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Thursday, 02 April 2020

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