Tallgrass Goes to School!

 Okay, so we're still on par and only a day late. But for good reason. While Norm, Patrick and Isaac were busy running the shop, I got a chance to sneak away and share Tallgrass on a little bit broader scale as one of the speakers. Folks from Wyoming, Montana, California, North Carolina, our neighbors in MO, and many other places banded together to learn and really constructively build folks up. There were over 100 in attendance for the seminar interested in our start-up and social media.  I got to brag on our customers and our team, pretty cool!

It was a great experience! To be vulnerable with ya'll, I was worried. Sometimes we get caught up in the wild schedules and don't take time to share and enjoy.  I was blessed to be in the company of people who care deeply about what they do and work tremendously hard. Also, brought back to life the technical side to what I do with several professors speaking on fermented and dry aged meat. Wait those products sound familiar :).

How about a local butcher and charcuterie class. I was able to spend some good time with my dad Sunday going through a workshop from a small processor who teaches every Sunday. One of our greatest strengths are those we have around us, therefore when we had the opportunity to learn from others who are also doing what we want to do, it was great. A big thank you to Jimmy, and team at the Local Pig.

Hope everyone has had a blessed week and look forward to seeing everyone in the shop.