Tallgrass: Blessed!

Where to start....we have been blessed the last couple of months in every aspect. We are so thankful for the Columbia community and businesses, in addition to our family and friends who have helped take care of us and our customers. We are amazed at how the word has spread through Spring Hill, Franklin and even Nashville!

Thank you all for walking with us as we develop our main product offerings and work on expanding into others. If you missed our Grand Opening with our producers, Jackson BBQ ,and Asgard Brewing company it was a tremendous time.

Many have asked for items such as bison, lamb, goat and of course our bundles. We look forward to developing many opportunities over the next month so please stay tuned. The support for local product is growing so keep in touch through Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Time to keep this short and sweet. Looking forward to another wonderful month and meeting many new faces!

Columbia's backyard butcher, Tallgrass Meat Co! 

Would you like to step inside for a VIRTUAL TOUR of Tallgrass Meat Co.? CLICK HERE!

Tallgrass: September Bundle!
Tallgrass: Bundles Are In!

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Guest - Terry Wilcox on Tuesday, 07 August 2018 18:02

I'll be stopping by tomorrow to pick up my steaks & burgers for Bristol.

I'll be stopping by tomorrow to pick up my steaks & burgers for Bristol. :D
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Saturday, 04 April 2020

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