Tallgrass Meat Company

Experience Nashville, Tennessee's best butcher shoppe, delivering the best local and quality beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and wild game from the heart of Columbia, Tennessee.

Tallgrass Vendors: Spring Valley Family Farm

Spring Valley Farm
Spring Valley Farms is proud to be a supplier of Tennessee Natural Angus Beef to Tallgrass Meat Co. We are a fifth-generation Tennessee Century Farm located in Hardin and Wayne counties. All of our beef is Angus USDA Choice pasture raised in a stress free environment with intensive improvements to the soil and sustainability of the farm land. ...
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Tallgrass Vendors: Neale Family Farms

Neal Family Farm
In continuing our commitment to provide quality locally sourced meats to Columbia, TN, Tallgrass Meat Co. has partnered with a Neale Family Farms! Neale Family Farms operates a first-generation cattle and sheep farm in Warren and Giles Counties right here in Middle Tennessee. They specialize in raising high-quality, local beef and lamb wi...
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Tallgrass Vendors: Our Farm on Mount Olivet

Our Farm at Mount Olivet
Here at Tallgrass Meat Co. we pride ourselves in sourcing local meats and building relationships with our local farmers. We would like to introduce you to one of those local farmers who supplies Tallgrass Meat Co. with locally grown fresh greens.Our Farm on Mount OlivetLocated here in Columbia, TN - right off Bear Creek Pike! Our Farm on Mount Oliv...
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