Old World Cuts, Modern Convenience

In my last blog post we touched on the "Old World Cuts, Modern Convenience," of TGM. What exactly does that mean? Why is that our focus? As mentioned, we have been pleasantly overwhelmed with story after story from local families of great childhood memories that involved the local butcher. For me, growing up the only place you could get thick-cut bologna and bierocks (Midwestern thing) was at the local butcher shop. I would go weekly with grandma and pick up the bologna for me and the bierocks for my mom. As a kid, that was my way of doing something special for my Mom. The butcher also sponsored my baseball teams all growing up and I remember him at almost every one of my little league games.

Our hometown butcher was a pillar of the community in many respects. His influences were felt nightly, not just at the local little league fields but at the dinner table when families would sit down to eat. Nothing is more bonding than sharing a meal with another.

We aim to bring that same sense of community, however small or large, to our shop. Above all else, we want a mother, a father or a grandparent to be able to come in to Tallgrass Meats and get something special or unique to prepare for those they care about. Doing so, knowing they got the very best service and very best quality at a great price - all with maximum convenience. So that they may build memories to someday look back on fondly, "one steak, or bierocks, at a time."


Dustin L. Weber MED, DC, CSCS

A Tallgrass Thank You!
The Local Butcher Shop is Back!

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Saturday, 04 April 2020

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