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So……what is Tallgrass bringing to the community? First and foremost, we will be your trusted source for high-quality, full-service, wholesome meats. Folks coming in can be assured that we have crafted each item on-site. We're working hard to procure the best conventional, local, and organic, grass-fed, non-GMO products for our customers. When you walk into our store you'll be able to choose where your meat comes from, such as, from a local farmer down the road. We are networking with the same local farmers you already know from the farmers markets to provide the same quality meats every day at Tallgrass Meat Co.

For the more adventurous type and those deeply passionate about the provenance of their food you will have the option to purchase a quarter-, a half-, or a whole-animal to stock your freezer! This is a time-honored and traditional method for ensuring families had meat for the entire year. If you haven't experienced purchasing meat from a farmer and engaging in the full process of understanding where your food comes from this is for you; let us connect you to one of our great local farmers and walk you through that process!

We understand that fully-committing to a whole animal is a large first step, which is why we will also provide local bundles. Giving you the option to come in, dip you toe into the process, so to speak, and still take-home quality local farm-raised meats - experiencing the story and product of our local farmers! To impress your friends or to expand your taste buds, ask about our Predator's Package or a Griller's Guide – easy and convenient options will always be available.

For now, we are working hard behind the scenes to open the doors to your new meat-purchasing experience. We love to chat and we are honored to help you with any part of your meat purchase that we can, "One experience at a time." 

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Wednesday, 01 April 2020

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