Deep Dive: Bacon

We often get asked, do we put additional ingredients into our bacon (okay, our meat in general) that makes them irresistible?  The short answer is no.  We do make the bacon in-house and mostly how bacon has always been made.  Did you know that to be called bacon there is a regulation set forth first by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and jointly accepted by the USDA for their purposes defining bacon!

The FDA authors a document title Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book, 188 pages of pure food legalism :).  These books/documents/policies are derived to enforce and guide the Code of Federal Regulations promulgations and are updated as needed or changes occur.

"The term "bacon" is used to describe the cured belly of a swine carcass. If meat from other portions of the carcass is used, the product name must be qualified to identify the portions."

Similarly, many have noticed that we have an "uncured bacon."Uncured bacon is very similar to our regular bacon only we use natural ingredients such as celery powder and cherry powder, which do have naturally occurring nitrites.  This results in a very similar flavor and style of bacon, assuming the same ingredients are used.

We carry a variety of bacon, our regular bacon, has an added sweetness that we have developed to provide the unique taste that you have come to notice about our bacon.  Recently, we started carrying a "Traditional" bacon which has no sweet flavor and is light touch of salt.Our uncured bacon, which follows the definition above, including those natural ingredients.In case, the flavor options aren't enough we have a thick and thin… might even asked about our triple thick bacon.

In case that isn't enough, we have Jalapeno bacon, Pepper bacon, Cajun bacon, Hillbilly bacon, and more too come including the famous cinnamon roll bacon. Yes, I said cinnamon roll bacon.The time is nearing for this one of a kind product.  

Experience the difference.


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Guest - rb2112br on Sunday, 22 September 2019 18:33

I gotta say, you had me at bacon!

I gotta say, you had me at bacon!
Guest - Casey Weber on Tuesday, 01 October 2019 02:01

It's our secret weapon! Casey

It's our secret weapon! Casey
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Wednesday, 01 April 2020

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