Tallgrass Goes to School!

Tallgrass Goes to School!
 Okay, so we're still on par and only a day late. But for good reason. While Norm, Patrick and Isaac were busy running the shop, I got a chance to sneak away and share Tallgrass on a little bit broader scale as one of the speakers. Folks from Wyoming, Montana, California, North Carolina, our neighbors in MO, and many other places banded togeth...
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Deep Dive: Bacon

Deep Dive:  Bacon
We often get asked, do we put additional ingredients into our bacon (okay, our meat in general) that makes them irresistible?  The short answer is no.  We do make the bacon in-house and mostly how bacon has always been made.  Did you know that to be called bacon there is a regulation set forth first by the FDA (Food an...
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Guest — rb2112br
I gotta say, you had me at bacon!
Sunday, 22 September 2019 18:33
Guest — Casey Weber
It's our secret weapon! Casey
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 02:01
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